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Companionship care

Robin Home Care fully understands that delivering outstanding companionship care at home is vital.

Companionship Care At Home

Companionship care at home

Excellent companionship care underpins an Outstanding care at home service

As a CQC-recognised ‘Outstanding’ care provider, we at Robin Home Care fully understand that delivering outstanding care always requires compassionate and caring social interaction with our clients. The offer of companionship, together with good conversation, is a vital element of our approach to providing home care services for the well-being and contentment of all of our clients, especially older people.

Compassionate care and support at home is more than just fulfilling complex medical needs or personal care tasks. Our main aim at Robin Home Care is to enable you to live an enjoyable life seeing a friendly face every day and seeing people that will engage in conversation, knowing what you are interested in.

Understanding you as an individual is essential for your care and support plan

Companionship care varies significantly from person to person and how we structure your bespoke support plan starts with a full discussion with you to understand your background, history, likes, dislikes and what sort of topics you are interested in. This discussion aims at understanding your day to day routine and what is important to you so that a comprehensive care plan can be agreed with you and your family members.

Within this comprehensive approach to delivering elderly care, which can encompass dementia care, we can offer the following types of Companionship care:

  • Having a chat over a cup of tea
  • Reminiscing about the past by bringing back old memories
  • Discussing with you what light housekeeping is required
  • Support with hobbies and interests
  • Attending events and shows
  • Going on shopping trips
  • Visiting family and friends
  • Running errands
  • Discussing meal choices and assisting with meal preparation
  • Going for walks or getting some fresh air in the garden


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A team of well-trained compassionate carers who know you

Building caring relationships between you and your carers takes time and we are very aware that accepting new people into your life and home can be daunting. This is the reason we take great care to match a small team of carers, in terms of personality and character, to you. You always have control over who comes to see you but with Robin Home Care, you can be sure that you will always be introduced to the members of your care team for your approval.

Our approach of dedicating a small carer team to you means that we can offer you continuity of care where you know everyone who will visit you and they, in turn, know you and are aware of the little details that you require when they are in your home. This will allow you to build familiarity, trust and friendship with your carers.

Electronic monitoring of our carers and the care delivered to you

Ealing Home Care Service Provider Client App

As part of our service, we use a computerised monitoring system using mobile phones to monitor that our carers arrive on time, carry out all the tasks that you have specified and write notes on how the visit went. If you so wish, access to these notes can be given to family members to ensure that everyone who needs to be informed of how the care is delivered gets access to the information required. 

Peace of mind, accountability and transparency are at the core of our systems and processes.

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You can rely on an Outstanding company

The delivery of care in England is closely regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we are proud to say that, since May 2018, Robin Home Care has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by CQC after their inspection of our home care service operations. Our existing clients have been very complimentary about the highest-quality care they receive from us with numerous reviews and comments to the CQC praising the care and support we provide. 

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A 2017 report by Public Health England entitled Productive healthy ageing stated that“Productive healthy ageing is about enabling improved health and wellbeing, increasing independence, and resilience to adversity. It also includes having the ability to be financially secure, engaging in social activities, being socially connected with friendships and support, and enjoying life.”

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