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Live-in care

Get peace of mind and security by using services for live-in home care in Ealing from Robin Home Care.

Live-in Home Care Ealing

Live-in Home Care Ealing

Live-in home care in Ealing rated Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission

Robin Home Care can provide high-quality Live-in care packages in Ealing for people who require home care services throughout the day as well as emergency cover at night-time giving reassurance that you will be safe in your own home. With a Live-in carer, you can remain in your own home, surrounded by your familiar home comforts and memories with a one-to-one level of care, that is not available in most residential Homes.

Having a trained carer living in your own home can be especially useful after hospital discharge when, in the short term, your needs may well be greater than normal. This will give you peace of mind that help will be available when you need it while giving you the freedom, choice and control to do what you want, when you want resulting in the quality of life you deserve.

One of the most important aspects of live-in care is the choice of what type of carer will provide the type of elderly care you need. Robin Home Care fully understands that we will need to match a carer’s personality and character to your preference and we ensure that you are comfortable with at least two suitable carers giving you the reassurance that there is always someone available who you know, and who knows your routine and requirements in order to deliver your care package.


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Detailed care planning designed to deliver your care, your way

As with all our services, our services for live-in home care in Ealing starts with a full care assessment of what you need and how your care services should be delivered. This covers:

What type of carer, in terms of personality and character, you would prefer to live in your home

It is vitally important that you are introduced to, and approve, the carer who will provide your care and support and we go to great lengths to match the correct carer to you.

Companionship and conversation

As well as seeing to your care needs, our carers will be on hand to offer companionship and comfort which is a vitally important aspect to providing Outstanding live-in care services.

Personal care requirements

Your wishes and requirements for personal care and hygiene will be discussed and agreed with you.

Medication administration and management

Our carer will organise your medication and our office staff will liaise with the pharmacy and GP to ensure you have the correct medication delivered.

Light domestic duties including cooking, cleaning and laundry

Our carer will maintain a pleasant home environment for you including planning your meals which enables us to help you optimise your nutrition and hydration management which will contribute to your wellbeing.

Accompanying to GP, dentist, hospital and/or specialist appointments

You will have the peace of mind that your carer will be on hand to accompany you to hour health appointments as well as any other visits you want to make.

Risk assessment and mitigation of falls

As part of our service, our carers are always vigilant and on the look-out for potential risks. A common reason for hospitalisation amongst the elderly is injury caused by falls and our carers are careful to assess this type of risk and will alert the office staff of any concerns.

Running errands, including dry-cleaning and incidental shopping

Flexible Care and Support Plan

Once we have completed a full assessment we agree, with you, a detailed and flexible Care and Support Plan which we can adjust as we gain more experience as to what is required. This Support Plan will clearly outline our responsibilities and the outcomes we will aim to achieve. Part of the process will be to allocate a team of at least 2 carers who will be introduced to the client so that we have continuity of care throughout the contract period.

Your carer will also make notes on how your care services are delivered as well as confirming any prescribed medication has been taken. These notes help our office staff to monitor the care delivered and are available to family members online through our electronic PASS System.

Trained and compassionate carers to give you peace of mind

The process of matching suitable carers to each live-in client is extremely important. We strive to ensure that we match a carer to fit with your character and personality and we listen to what your need.

One advantage of live-in care is that families get peace of mind that if any emergency occurs, a trained carer will be on-hand to deal with it. Our standard package does assume that the carer will get a good night’s sleep, and is woken up no more than a couple of times per night to attend to the client. However, if required, we can accommodate more extensive care requirements, up to full 24-hour care and support. Other details include: –  

  • The carer will be entitled to a pre-planned 2-hr break every day
  • The carer will have their own room in the house
  • The carer will have use of the kitchen to prepare and cook their own food, which they will provide

Electronic monitoring of our carers and the care delivered to you

Ealing Home Care Service Provider Client App

As part of our service, we use a computerised monitoring system using mobile phones to monitor that our carers arrive on time, carry out all the tasks that you have specified and write notes on how the visit went. If you so wish, access to these notes can be given to family members to ensure that everyone who needs to be informed of how the care is delivered gets access to the information required. 

Peace of mind, accountability and transparency are at the core of our systems and processes.

With the App you can:





24-hour care and support plans

For very complex needs, Robin Home Care can provide, full time, 24-hour care assistance, with the option of having two carers, where necessary for bed-ridden clients.

With complex care packages, we have trained carers who are able to deliver specialist care services such as: –

  • Stoma care
  • Catheter care
  • Conveen care
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) feeding

With our 24-hour Support packages, as with all of our other services, we will discuss with you, prior to any service being delivered, exactly what type of support suits your needs best. The choice of carers is even more important when delivering 24-hour support and we will ensure that you are comfortable with the people who will deliver your care by introducing them to you before any service commences. 

You can rely on an Outstanding company

The delivery of care in England is closely regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we are proud to say that, since May 2018, Robin Home Care has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by CQC after their inspection of our home care service operations. Our existing clients have been very complimentary about the highest-quality care they receive from us with numerous reviews and comments to the CQC praising the care and support we provide.  

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