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End-of-life care

Compassionate and caring Ealing end-of-life care from Robin Home Care.

Ealing End-of-Life Care

Ealing End-of-Life Care

Compassionate and caring end-of-life care in Ealing

Robin Home Care is committed to the principle that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has the right to be cared for with dignity, compassion and respect as they approach the end of their lives.

The UK government’s mandate to NHS England in 2017 has the aim of significantly improving patient choice at the end of life, including ensuring an increase in the number of people able to die in their place of choice, including at home. Robin Home Care fully supports this mandate, offering support and care services to our clients and their family members, in their own home.

The term ‘end of life’ usually refers to the last year of life, although this period may be significantly shorter. In addition, the related term ‘palliative’, largely relates to pain and other symptom management. At Robin Home Care we incorporate both end of life and palliative care planning in our approach to try and maximise the quality of life for people with a terminal illness.


Considerate, flexible and collaborative end-of-life care plans

At the core of Robin Home Care’s approach is the development of a bespoke care and support plan which starts with an assessment that considers all aspects of a dying person’s wellbeing, their psychological and spiritual needs as well as their health and social care needs. Undertaking a holistic needs assessment ensures that the person’s concerns and problems are identified so that support can be provided to address them.

It is equally important that our team at Robin Home Care collaborates and communicates with other health and social care professionals so that a dying person receives a seamless service designed to manage symptoms, maintain dignity and respect, and keep them as comfortable as possible.

Our personalised Care and Support plans will be tailored to your specific needs as well as involving your family and friends, if appropriate. Every plan is different but can include the following areas: 


  • Help with general domestic and housekeeping tasks
  • Personal care and grooming
  • Managing pain
  • Medication for distressing symptoms
  • Companionship and reassurance
  • Continuity of care with carers you know
  • Respite for family and friends
  • Support to remain as independent as possible


Exceed expectations, with transparency, teamwork
and compassion

Ealing End-of-Life Care

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Trained carers with experience of delivering compassionate end-of-life care

As with all home care services, the quality, experience and personality of the home carers assigned to deliver end-of-life care, is of paramount importance. At Robin Home Care we go to great lengths to match suitable carers to each individual after we have undertaken a care assessment which has addressed all aspects of their requirements. We have the training and skills to continually assess a family’s needs and adjust to the changing stages of life.

Our carers are experienced in providing support to people in the last days of their life which quite often involves the careful management of pain and other medical symptoms. However, we also strive to support the whole family in practical ways such as help with feeding, bathing, toileting and housework as well as being a friendly and compassionate presence to offer social and psychological help.

Choose an Ealing end-of-life care company rated Outstanding by CQC

The delivery of care in England is closely regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and we are proud to say that, since May 2018, Robin Home Care has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by CQC after their inspection of our home care service operations. The latest CQC inspection reports quotes a large number of positive comments made by Robin Home Care’s clients to the CQC inspector. 


Help to pay for end-of-life care

There are a number of different sources of help to fund end of life care. The best option for you will vary depending on your own personal circumstance and where you live.


NHS Funding

NHS Continuing Healthcare – under this scheme, which is not means-tested, the NHS pays all the fees associated with your care. However, eligibility criteria are very high and assessment can sometimes be complex. The following article from Which? Is a useful starting point to get more information.
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Local Authority Funding

Your local authority can make contributions to your social care costs such as washing and dressing. This help is means-tested and will depend on your financial situation. Your GP, community nurse or hospital can refer you to your local authority for a needs assessment.


State Benefits

State benefits can also be another source of funding and include:

  • Attendance allowance, for people over 65 who need help to stay independent at home
  • Personal Independence Payment for people between 16-64 who may need help because of a long-term illness or disability
  • Disabled Facilities Grant to help with costs related to making changes in your home to allow you to continue to live there. This grant is means-tested
  • Council tax reductions – these vary according to individual local authority rules
  • Pension credit
  • Housing credit
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